Home is heartwarming

The movie Home was made by Tim Johnson and features star actors Rihanna(Tip), Jim Parsons(Oh), and Jennifer Lopez(Lucy-Tips mom). Tip is an independent 12-year-old girl who knows how to fend for herself until she bumps into Oh. Now, Oh is a follow-the-crowd kinda guy. But he is kind of a pushover and different from the rest of his kind. Though that may seem an oxymoron, it is what it is. He tries to be like his kind, though once he crosses paths with Tip, he realizes that he needs to be himself.

As Oh flees from his own race, he finds himself in Tip’s life. Tip happens to be on a adventure of her own. As Tip lets Oh join along her adventure to find her mom, he finds out being different and making mistakes is what trial and error (and life) is about. He realizes that being perfect and normal isn’t always what it’s cut out to be. As Oh and Tip come to the end of their adventures, they find out what the real meaning of home is.

Some critics have downed the movie because they think it has a poor story plot. As Nathaneal Hood says, “Home is a blithering mess, devoid of internal narrative logic, mired in obnoxious humor, and so poorly paced that its 94 minute runtime felt like it was over two hours long.”

But I love it. Maybe it’s because I’m a kid at heart. I absolutely love this movie. It portrays a wonderful message that a lot of today’s generation needs to pay attention to. The movie in itself is adorable and amusing. With Oh’s constant use of funny illiterate English to his cute faces and noises, the movie is full of smiles and laughs. For me, the movie is a yes. All the way.