Freshmen hit the high school for orientation

Next year’s freshmen get a head-start on planning their high school careers


pate photo

Academic Adviser Dana Morris finds a folder for an incoming freshman at orientation last week.

Eighth-grade parents and students met at the high school for freshman orientation to introduce students to their upcoming adventure of high school.

“I believe it went very well,” academic counselor Dana Morris said. “Both the students and parents were very attentive and listened very carefully about the graduation plans.”

I am excited to have so many freshmen coming in next year who plan on getting involved in activities and extracurricular activities.

— Melonie Menefee, UIL Coordinator

Students were buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to get started.

“The students seemed a little wary at first,” Mitchell Pate said, “but you could see they were excited at the same time.”

In the overall outcome you could see that Buffalo High School has a bright batch of kids coming in.

“At first I was a little nervous,” eighth grader Tana Cleveland said. “But after I got to the high school and saw how nice everyone was, I felt a lot better.”