Seniors receive caps and gowns


scott photo

Senior Chris Jennings picks up his cap and gown from the Balfour representative.

Last Wednesday, eating lunch took a backseat to heading to the conference room to meet with the Balfour representative; caps and gowns were in!

“It was exciting,” senior Kendall Lee said. “Getting my stuff made me realize how close we are to graduating and how it all went by so fast.”

The seniors agreed that their four years of high school have flewn by.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s time yet,” senior Kyrell Miller said. “Graduation is right around the corner and receiving our stuff made it hit reality; we’re leaving soon.”

There was not any crying, but getting their stuff for graduation still had an effect on them.

“I thought it’d be a big deal, but it wasn’t,” senior Bryce Burwitz said. “Graduation will definitely be more emotional.

Some seniors looked at it in a more positive way.

“It felt good to know that I got to this moment in which I will soon be graduating,” senior Karina Sotelo said. “High school was a great experience, but I look forward to my future success; on to the next level, college.”