Student Council starts up The Cinderella Project

Student Council starts up The Cinderella Project

Cinderella almost didn’t get to go to the ball because she had nothing to wear – if her fairy godmother wouldn’t have stepped in, she would have missed her chance to find her prince.

Most proms might not be as life-altering as Cinderella’s ball, but they are still important rites of passage – and every year, there are girls who don’t go because the cost of buying a dress and accessories is too much of a financial burden. The student council hopes to put an end to that with their latest project, The Cinderella Project.

“Mrs. Menefee originally came up with the idea, and when she presented it to the rest of the student council, everyone agreed to do it,” president Kendall Morales said. “I think that many girls will be able to benefit from this program.

With everyone in student council on board, plans for the project have already started.

“I’ve already had three dresses donated and nearly a dozen people who have told me they will be bringing something after spring break,” student council adviser Melonie Menefee said. “Today, I had someone contact me about volunteering to do hair and makeup. This is a project that can grow every year, and we are excited to get it started.”