Is the entire world color blind?


The dress that has been breaking the internet, is famous for its debate over what color it is. Is it black and blue, or is it gold and white? Now I however have seen both, looking at the same image, simply tilting or moving my screen.

Now what is it that is so popular about this dress? How is this topic important enough to warrant the vast majority of the interest on social media for days on end?

All the brains in America are so confused, trying to decide which is it. There are numerous scientific explanations everywhere, some of them more confusing than the question itself. At the rate people are arguing about this dress, they should join the debate team.

It is said that the dress was worn by a mother of a bride in Scotland. When the wedding singer couldn’t get a straight answer from her friends in real life, she turned to her internet friends on Tumblr. After hours of debate, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she saw gold and white, while Kayne West and Justin Bieber saw black and blue. While all this debating and discussion about the dress is going on, orders for it are pouring in, meaning the only color the designer is seeing is green.

In the scheme of things, though, why is this important? We have ISIS beheading people, our own government struggling to fund Homeland Security, and the usual problems of world hunger, child abuse, and missing children. Why is the debate over the color of a dress what fills our news feed, even making news shows?

Part of me wants to tell people to get serious and worry about things that matter. Truth is, though, in a world full of bad news and fighting, sometimes a debate over something silly, like the color of a dress, is something that takes everyone’s minds off of the tough stuff, at least for a while.