Students visit Texas senate


Students visiting the capitol with the exchange student program bundled up for the cold weather that covered the state.

Exchange students from all over Texas traveled to Austin last month to act as senate pages and visit the capitol. Katja Galle made the trip along with area representatives Amanda Davis and Connie Easterling, host “sister” Gracie Davis and classmate Lilah Molina.

“I had a lot of fun being able to be with other exchange students,” Galle said. “It was really cool to be able to ask them about how they felt coming here, and they experiences that they have had so far.”

The students visited the Bullock Texas State History Museum and ate out together. This was the first time the exchange students had ever met each other, so while learning about the capitol, they also made friends.

“I had an amazing time being able to meet all of them,” exchange student Maha said. “Since I came here I have always wanted to visit the capitol, and now I want to go to Washington D.C.”

All of the students felt that this was a learning experience for them that had enriched their exchange student experience.

“Since I was just a little boy I had always wanted to come to the United States,” exchange student Yassin said. “Now that I was finally able to come and be able to meet all these wonderful people, well, I feel like the luckiest guy on earth.”