FCCLA focus on national organization week


menefee photo

FCCLA sponsor Wendy Neyland helps members Victoria Shaw and Annel Escobar set up tea for the student body during FCCLA week.

Promoting FCCLA was the focus of a week of themed days and challenges from the FCCLA group last month.

“I think that it was a really cool how the different days meant something,” member Brianna Johnston said. “Tuesday was Tea Tuesday and we were able to provide tea for the entire student body.Friday was membership appreciation day and we were served lunch.”

Members challenged the students to participate in the week’s activities and encouraged them to post to social media such as Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FCCLAweek.

“It was really neat logging into Twitter and stuff and seeing the hashtags,” Sophomore member Jaylee Hullum said. “It was really cool; it made me feel good.”

Even members learned more about FCCLA.

“I really wish I was involved in FCCLA my freshman and sophomore years because, its a really good organization, and I like the fact that it helps people and it’s about service,” junior David McAlpine said.” I really think that its a good organization to be in, and I feel that I’m helping make a big difference.”