OAP cast and crew attends clinic


menefee photo

Director Jill Henson works with cast and crew to set up the stage before performing for judge Mark Pickell. The play will compete on March 25.

Getting ready for OAP district competition involved an early-morning meeting time last week for cast, crew and directors, as they headed to a clinic at University High School in Waco. Judge Mark Pickell critiqued the students last year and came back out again this year.

“Mr. Pickell told me I did a good job,” senior Kendall Lee said. “He didn’t tell me anything I did wrong.”

The students spent an hour in performance and then another hour in critique. Pickell had actors up and trying different things with him so that he could demonstrate his suggestions.

“Mr. Pickell thought the actors were in a good place for it being only February,” Morales said. “He told us to keep up the good work.”

Director Jill Henson was excited that the judge found no big problems with the show.

“I was excited that Mark thought we had no major things to completely change,” Henson said. “He gave us very good and very specific advice, and I think the experience will help our show in a huge way.”