Forensics Club joins organization line-up


scott photo

Forensics Club member Austin Melton gets ready to collect evidence during a class project.

New clubs have made their appearance this school year – not only has a Chess Club started up, but a Forensics Club is underway, as well. The group started with students who are in teacher Patrice Cox’s Forensics Class, which has branched out all over the high school to check fingerprints and run tests.

“I like that I’m learning things that most kids in my generation will most likely never learn,” junior Britney Scott said. “It’s also helping me get to know my fellow classmates, and that’s pretty cool.”

The forensic club is learning how to use science skills and use them to solve crimes.The objective of the club is to get students interested in the challenges and advantages of the club itself. To be qualified to join this club, students must be in grade eleven or twelve.

“I was very excited to hear the club was approved,” Cox said. “I was really impressed with the

students and the way they pushed for the club. I have many exciting things planned for this club, and I can’t wait to get started on it all.”