Twins trade spots


zapata photo

Seniors Rudy and Randy Salazar play chess in the library. The twins swapped spots for their morning classes last week.

What the fun in having a real, live look-alike if you aren’t going to have some fun with it? Last week senior twins Rudy and Randy Salazar decided to have a little fun with their teachers and attended each other’s classes for the day..

“I’m pretty sure many teachers really didn’t know the difference, but many of my classmates knew and were confused for a while,” Randy said. “It was cool passing myself off as my brother; I had to act like him to convince teachers a little bit more.”

The switch only lasted until lunch and was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

“It was a bit annoying in some ways because I hate to be called Randy, but I liked it at the same time,” Rudy said. “I felt a little mischievous, going to some of his classes.”

Many classmates were truly confused when someone would question the twin’s identity.

“I don’t know the twins very well and have a hard time distinguishing the two,” senior Berenices Enriquez said. “Afterwards, I started thinking about how cool it would be to have a identical twin of my own and all the fun pranks we would pull.”