Students show support for Jenkins


menefee photo

Students and staff show their support for coach Jozette Jenkins the morning of her surgery.

After head basketball coach Jo Jenkins was diagnosed just before Christmas with breast cancer, her team decided they wanted to do something special for the day she had surgery. The student body was invited to “Meet You at the Gym” the morning of her surgery to pray for Coach Jenkins while she underwent surgery. Jenkin’s daughter Jordan was the only member of the team missing.

“My mother’s surgery was scheduled for 10:00 am at Baylor hospital in Dallas,” sophomore Jordan Jenkins said. “I wanted to be there with her because this is a hard time for all of us.”

Students and staff held hands as they went around the circle, one by one having a chance to say a prayer aloud for Coach Jenkins. A lot of people showed up to pray for her and her family.

“It was like the whole school was there,” senior Kendall Lee said. “I didn’t expect that many, but that’s what made the event even more special.”

Most of Coach Jenkins’ players said a prayer for her.

“I started the prayer first,” senior Lauren Helmcamp said. “We love Coach Jenkins and wanted her to know that we were there supporting her fully.”

Not only did the basketball girls pray aloud, but also other students.

“I prayed for Coach Jenkins at meet you at the gym,” junior Logan Freeman said. “We all care a lot about her, which is why I believe students who don’t even have her in class prayed for her.”

Some of the school faculty members said a lot of great prayers.

“Coach Jenkins is a great woman, so everyone was torn up about her having breast cancer,” teacher Cindy Eppes said. “As a result, a lot of the students and faculty showed up to pray for her, including myself.”

After the prayer, everyone was encouraged to get donuts and orange juice, which principal Tracy Gleghorn provided.

“The breakfast was great,” senior Darius Horton said. “I like to eat, so it was a win, win; a lot of people prayed for her, and then we all got food.”

Coach Jenkins’ family stayed with her in the hospital.

“I was glad I at least got to stay at the hospital with her for a couple of days,” Jordan Jenkins said. “Life without her is unthinkable; I am beyond blessed to have her as my mother.”