Teacher back at school after fracturing knee


zapata photo

Spanish teacher Cindy Eppes teaches with her leg up after fracturing her leg last week.

A trip and a fall for Spanish teacher Cindy Eppes resulted in a 9-1-1 call, an abulance ride,  and worried teachers and students as they waited to hear from Eppes’s husband on her condition.

Eppes tripped and fell and then passed out during A lunch. Students and teachers were immediately at her side to help and to call for help. She ended up sore and with a fractured knee.

“Thankfully it wasn’t to too serious and I’m fine now,” Eppes said. “This accident has showed me something about the people I work with and my students.”

Enough students were vocally concerned that principal Tracy Gleghorn made an announcement later in the afternoon to update everyone and let them know that other than the knee, Eppes was all right and would be checking out of the hospital.

“Knowing how much my kids and friends cared and worried about me made me realize how blessed I truly am,” Eppes, who missed the rest of that day and the next, said. “I’m happy to be back at work and see all my kiddos.”

Although the cafeteria was packed during lunch and there was some confusion about what was going on, everyone seemed to stay calm and do what was needed to help.

“We were all worried about her, and I’m relieved to know that one of our favorite teacher is alright,” junior Diana Avila said. “I was honestly scared when it happened because I just finished eating and then next thing I know someone was calling 911.”