ASVAB analyzes student skills


morales photo

Junior Nathanael Young checks out a flyer on entering the military in the library. Young hopes to go into the army after high school.

In order to try and find what fields students are best in, the ASVAB test makers offered the test to sophomores and juniors last week. The test is aimed at students who plan to go into the military; however many students who don’t yet know what they want to do after after high school take it.

The test, which is three hours long, not only gave test-takers a little insight into their interests, but also got them out of classes for most of the morning.

“The test was just challenging enough to make you think,” junior Diana Avila said. “It felt like it lasted forever, but at least I got out of my morning classes.”

The length of the test meant that it was not a morning of fun, though.

“The test was extremely long,” said sophomore Kynlee Driskell. “There was no way to prepare for it, so it was one of the hardest tests I have taken in a while.”

For those planning on going into the army, it was a chance to see if they had the skills to do what they want to do after graduation.

“I am hoping that my scores come in soon,” junior Nathanael Young said. “That way I can see if I’m capable for getting into the military.”