Junior spends time in traditional dance group


Junior Luis Ortiz participates in a traditional Mexican dance.

Keeping up with schoolwork and working a part-time job is enough to keep most students busy, so finding time to squeeze in doing something they love can be hard, but not impossible. Junior Luis Ortiz knows this, because in addition to school and work, he spends time participating in a dance group.

The dancing group is a Mexican cultural tradition that starts around Christmas time and usually ends in mid-January.

“I was raised seeing my mom and uncles be a part of this tradition, so when I was finally able to learn the steps, naturally I joined,” Ortiz said. “It’s a nice part of my religion, being able to dance for the Virgin Mary and Jesus and thank them for all the things they’ve blessed me with.”

He said that he would like to continue being a part of the group and maybe one day lead his own group.

“I like dancing very much, and this is just another form of dancing that has a deeper meaning behind it,” Ortiz said. “It helps me take my mind off of things and helps me focus on what’s important.”