How is coming out a big deal in today’s world?

How is coming out a big deal in todays world?

YouTube star Connor Franta, age 22, has been getting nasty comments based off his new video titled “Coming Out”. The video has gotten millions of views and has spawned additional YouTube videos on both sides of the fence and in different languages.

It all started when Connor Franta shocked his fans by posting a video revealing that he is gay. Franta said that he has been depressed and struggling for a year and a half. Franta made the video despite any hate or love he may get out of it.

“I’m making this video for anyone who needs it,” Franta said in his video. “ I don’t want anyone to have to go through 22 years of their life afraid to accept who they really are.”

I personally think that its stupid and idiotic that  some of his “fans” would give him grieve about it. If you love someone you love them for them. If they tell you a secret it shouldn’t matter what it was, you should still stick behind them and make sure that they always know that you care about them. It happened, he posted it so get over it.

He wouldn’t have posted the video of he didn’t want people to know. He wants people to not be scared of who they are, and to always be true to themselves.