Boy found in attic crawl space

Teen was missing for four years before mother contacted police


What is the world turning to these days? To kidnap your own child! It’s beyond crazy, in my opinion. But that is exactly what happened to one little boy, found earlier this week.

The drama began four years ago, when the boy, now 13, was not returned to his Florida home, where he lived with his mother, after a planned trip to his father’s house in Georgia. The mother reported the situation to welfare but not to the police. I cannot imagine not going to the police when my child was missing for an hour – how could she have waited for four years?

The boy was found only after he contacted his mother on his step-mother’s cell phone. His mother called the police (finally!) who ran a welfare check on the home, finding nothing. After the boy made cell phone contact again, the police went back and searched the house, finding him in an attic crawl space where he had apparently been put to hide him from the police.

I’m having quite a bit of trouble comprehending how a father could hide his kid in an attic crawl space, but that still pales, at least to me, in comparison to a mom just letting her ex keep her child hidden from her for four years. She did not even know where he was, yet she never called the police. I will never understand people.

Luckily, though, the story had a happy ending – the teen was reunited with his mother and siblings and is looking forward to being home with them for Christmas.