NHS inducts new members


pate photo

Sophomore Ally Gaskins signs the membership book during the NHS induction.

The annual NHS induction ceremony was a success, with ten new members joining the group. Family and friends were joined by the principals and superintendent to help welcome the new members.

Under the new leadership of Cindy Eppes and Donna Vann, the ceremony went smoothly. Everybody who was a part of it helped create a memorable night for those being inducted.

“I was really glad to get inducted,” junior Diana Avila said. “I have worked really hard these past couple of years, and it feels good to finally get recognized.

Each of the officers lit a candle to symbolize the pillars of organization; every new member signed the book and got a certificate.

“This year, for safety precautions, we used fake candles opposed to real ones,” senior Macey Jonas said. “It was a more efficient way to to teach the inductees about how important NHS is.”

The NHS organization hopes to accomplish many things this school year.

“The induction went well, the students took their parts seriously, and I am very proud of the new and existing members,” sponsor Cindy Eppes said. “We have exciting projects planned. It will be a really active year, with many good things for the community and school ”