Students enjoy Halloween


pate photo

Sophomore Evan Grisham works a game booth at Pumpkin Patch at First Baptist Church.

An open week in football meant that students were free to do what they wanted to do for Halloween starting earlier than usual; Pumpkin Patch, wrapping, and handing out candy made for an evening of dress-up and fun.

“I handed out a lot of candy,” sophomore Jessica Devore said. “It was so cool seeing the different costumes the kids had on – they were so cute.”

Of course, there was plenty of wrapping going on throughout the night, as well.

“Of course, my house got hit,” teacher Melonie Menefee said. “No biggie – it’s just toilet paper, and even on years when I have not had time to clean up, it washes away after a rain or two. I’ve never had anything destructive happen at the house.

That’s not always the case, though, and some teachers get upset over wrapping.

“I think everybody takes it too far,” assistant principal Janet Slaughter said. “It’s all in good and harmless fun. Our students are intelligent and will hopefully not get into trouble.”

The annual Pumpkin Patch at First Baptist Church gave students a chance to hang out, volunteer to help, and enjoy the holiday.

“It was really fun; I got to hang out with my friends, but it was really cold,” Junior Emmelee Weathers said. “It was funny watching the little kids trying to play some of the games.”