Students cook for Taste of the Holidays


pate photo

FCCLA members Brittany Scott, Jessica Devore, Kassidy Bell and Chris Jennings work a booth at Taste of the Holidays at Brookshire Bros.

FCCLA and PHS class members participated in Taste of the Holidays, an event sponsored by Brookshire Bros each year. They set up three booths around the store with cooked samples for the public to try.

“It was a great way to give the community ideas on dishes for their holidays with family,” sponsor Wendy Neyland said. “It also strengthened our relationship with Brookshire Bros.”

FCCLA also gave out cookbooks to the public of every dish that was cooked by the students.

“It was really cool seeing how many people wanted to try my group’s dish,” freshman Kaden Loep said. “Also it was cool seeing how many people picked up a cookbook, because that showed me that all our hard work paid off.”

It wasn’t all fun, though, since the students spent hours on their feet without a break.

“When I got home I had blisters on my feet, and they hurt so bad,” sophomore Jessica Devore said. “It all was worth it, though, when I found out all of my dish was gone.”

Students worked on dishes during school the week before, which gave students who had Saturday jobs a chance to participate even though they were working. For junior David McAlpine, having a job at Brookshire Bros. meant that he at least got to check out the dishes he had helped to make.

“I stopped by when I got a chance, because I got hungry and I wanted to visit with my friends,” McAlpine said. “I tasted every single dish, and they were all amazing.”