Blood drive offers chance to help

NHS event collects 69 units


pate photo

Junior Trey Minter relaxes with his cell phone while donating blood Friday. The NHS-sponsored events collected 69 units for donation.

The annual NHS blood drive brought in 69 units for donation, with students and faculty spending part of their Halloween in the gym to do so. Besides the chance to miss a class or two, the blood drive gave students a chance to do something to help the community.

“I decided to give blood because I love saving little boys,” junior Kyle Simpson said. “I’m a hero.”

Most of the people donating blood were a little nervous about the process, especially if they had never given before.

“I was pretty nervous at first, but afterwards I was fine,” senior Kendall Lee said. “It was for a good cause, so I’m glad I did it.”

This was the first year for teacher Cindy Eppes to run the blood drive; she took over NHS as the new sponsor this year.

“It was a challenge, but I was extremely proud of our students,” Eppes said. “The number of them who participated had caring spirits which was quite helpful.”

The NHS members signed up to take shifts on working the blood drive. They were responsible for transporting folders, walking the people who had just given blood back to their classes, and getting the donors snacks such as cookies and a drink.

“It was nice being there to comfort the people who were freaking out,” senior Bryce Burwitz said. “They needed someone to talk to, and I was there to help them calm down.”