Game Knights gives gamers an outlet


pate photo

Senior Bryce Burwitz plays at Game Knights while junior Tovi Taylor and freshman Katie Uptmor look on.

Former BHS graduate Jay Bosh has opened a new game room called Game Knights. For now the business is open on Saturdays, but will add Friday night hours starting in January.

For now, gamers can hang out on Saturdays from 5 pm until midnight. Foosball, pool, and ping pong are all available.

“Game Knights is a place to come hang out on Saturday nights,” Bosh said. “There’s pool, ping pong, an X-Box One and a PS Four. Tournaments range from Jenga to Hours long Magic the Gathering.

“We try to do tournaments every weekend,” Bosh said. “They can range from pool to video games.”

The game room features a large gridded table for game playing, primarily for Dungeons and Dragons.

“Game Knights is a great place to play Dungeons and Dragons,” Bosh said. “Other games that we play are Magic the Gathering and War Hammer.”