Belles hold Kicks for Kindness camp


pate photo

Bison Belle Josefine Poels helps two camp-goers with their capes. The children wrote kind things about one another on their capes.

The Kicks for Kindness Campaign was a major focus for the Bison Belle camp held earlier this month. A major focus of the camp, according to director Amanda Harter, was to teach the participants ways that  strong and powerful girls encourage and uplift others.

“We played a game where everyone got a cape, and everyone would go around writing something nice on other girls’ capes,” lieutenant Kaci Allen said. “It was a great experience talking to all of the girls about bullying and spreading some kindness.”

The girls weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the activity.

“Doing the paper capes was really fun,” line member Gracie Davis said. “It was fun to read the compliments they gave each other.”

The Belles felt that they benefitted from the experience as much as the camp participants did.

“The most beneficial part of the whole dance camp was that we got to help teach the kids that bullying is hurtful and help teach them to look for the best in everyone,” line leader Jaylee Hullum said. “The capes with all the compliments on them gave those with not enough confidence a little boost and just made them generally happier. They all had smiles on their faces at the end, and just seeing them happy was the most beneficial part for me.”