Students gain hands-on grooming experience

Principal Tracy Gleghorn’s dog Boomer gets the royal treatment from students in Small Animal Management class.

Students in Mandi Neal’s Small Animal Management class have been having some real hands-on experience recently while learning to groom and care for animals using Neal’s dog as well as principal Tracy Gleghorn’s dogs. Gleghorn’s dog Boomer was treated to a spa-day-like experience last week, where the class gave him a bath and haircut.

“I learned the proper way to trim and bathe a dog,” sophomore Brandon Brown said. “At first, I really didn’t know what I was doing. By the end of class, though, I was pretty good at it.”

The Veterinary Assistant class got in on the work, as well, and were able to watch Dr. Russell Jonas demonstrate how to properly administer a rabies vaccination.

“Being able to do something hands-on with animals was great,” junior Ally Patterson said. “I’d much rather be doing actual work instead of just writing things on a paper.”