Football teams struggle against Lexington

Bison face Leon this week


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Junior Logan Freeman goes back for a pass during the varsity game against Lexington. Although the Bison stayed on top for the first half, the final score was 27-49.

Varsity – by Miryam Zapata

What started out with a Bison lead and a halftime score of 21-7 against Lexington last Friday night went downhill after halftime, ending with a 27-49 loss.

With just two games left in the season, the team is still focusing on improving in the future.

“I felt we had a good week of practice; all the guys worked hard,” coach JJ Guidry said. “This year we have very young players, but I’m confident the future program will flourish.”

All the hard work the guys have been putting in showed on the field during the first half.

“As soon as I made the touchdown, I felt like dancing,” sophomore Rhett Kilgore said. “I was extremely excited and believe we’re doing better.”

Fans felt the team had more energy this past game then they have all season.

“I was extremely excited beginning the game; I didn’t want to say we were going to win the game and jinx it for us,” junior Nathanael Young said. “Overall it was a great game and I’m sure the next game will be even better.”

Junior Varsity – by Lauren Beshears

The Junior Varsity Bison travelled to Lexington Thursday night; though defeated 24-14, they left the field with their heads held high and proud.

“Even though we have a lot to work on I’m glad to say I saw improvement,” freshman Benito Rivas said.

Despite the loss they plan to move on and put all they have into the next game.

“We did lose but we didn’t do terrible,” Sophomore Dillon Beshears said. “We are getting better and really that’s all that matters to me.”

Freshman Matthew Harris said  even though they were behind ten points, it didn’t affect them.

“We got a little discouraged,” Harris said. “But there’s always next game.”