Juniors order class rings


scott photo

Junior Lane Solley looks over the ring choices before placing his order with Balfour.

Juniors had a chance Wednesday to order their class rings from Balfour, and the December delivery date can’t come soon enough for them.

“I’m excited to get my class ring,” junior Abby Smith said. “The ring is going to be a great reminder of high school when I finally graduate.”

A few students decided that while they wanted a class ring, the ones offered by Balfour were not what they wanted.

“I looked through the catalog and I don’t feel like those rings fit my personality,” junior Jaylee Hullum said. “I’d rather find one that fits me more somewhere else.”

Other students felt that they would prefer to wait and receive a college class ring.

“I like the idea of getting a class ring, but I’d rather wait for the college class ring instead of the high school,” junior Diana Guerrero said. “Getting the forms to order the rings just goes to show how fast this school year is going by.”