Bison Brags reward students for good behavior


menefee photo

Teachers and administration use Bison Brag cards to let students know that they have noticed them doing something good.

Bison Brags is a new reward system that teachers and principal Tracy Gleghorn decided to put in place this year to give an incentive to students to be on their best behavior and do things to help fellow students out throughout the year.

“Having Bison Brags is a new and exciting way to award students,” teacher Brittnee Cathey said. “I have given so many out in all  my classes. There are so many students who step up in class, and finally there’s a way to reward them.”

Teachers give out cards when they see their students stepping up in class, helping someone out, answering a question right, or even for having good manners. Students will be able to trade in the brag cards for prizes each six weeks.

“I give these out when a student goes above and beyond academically and when using good manners,” teacher Dana Morris said. “I have already giving two out, one for giving a good answer and another for picking up all the dictionaries in the class.”

A lot of the student here believe that these new rewards are really cool and a great way to reward someone for doing the right thing.