Neyland joins staff


pate photo

FCS teacher Wendy Neyland works with two of her students during class. This is Neyland’s first year on staff at Buffalo.

Consumer Science teacher Wendy Neyland has been teaching for eight years, but this her first year on the faculty here. She says she enjoys teaching because she loves to watch the kids transform as they go through four years of high school.

“I teach all classes from freshman to senior,” Neyland said, “As they go through their years in high school, I get the opportunity to watch them transition through their life.”

Neyland said she is proud that she teaches students things that they can carry throughout their whole life and use in different situations.

“I think what teaching these students benefits them the most is how they learn life skills,” Neyland said. “Everything I teach them, they can really use in the future.”

Neyland’s favorite part about teaching, she said, is meeting new people and the students that often help her learn new things herself. She is very pleased to see she has not had discipline any of her students so far this year.

“So far I love teaching at Buffalo,” Neyland said. “No students have given me any trouble, and I enjoy teaching them!”