Juniors, seniors attend college night


pate photo

Students visit with college representatives during College Night.

Learning more about getting into college and tackling the SAT and ACT was the focus of College Night Monday, with academic services coordinator Dana Morris helping students to understand many of the events students would have coming up in the next year or so, including applying for college.

Morris also talked to students about what to do to take an excused college day from school and told them about the upcoming college fair.

“It helped me understand the process to begin looking for colleges,” junior Cole Cleveland said.

The process to enroll into college can be a long and complex one, with students losing out if they miss any of the numerous deadlines.

“Preparing for college is a lot harder than I expected it to be,” junior Madison Kennedy said after the event.

Despite the treasure chest of college information, the broken cooling system did mean some of the students had trouble focusing on what was going on.

“It was too hot in the auditorium so I was frustrated the entire time,” junior Trey Minter said.

The time in the auditorium was fairly quick, though, with students and parents moving into the cafeteria to visit the colleges set up at booths.

“Although there weren’t many colleges to view, college night just seemed like a major checklist for me, being a senior,” said Rudy Salazar.