Adams-Molina does triple duty


Georgeanna Adams-Molina helps freshman Garraett McAlpine during Spanish I class. Adams-Molina is also the District Curriculum director, plus she drives a bus route.

One of the quasi-new faces on campus this year is Georgeanna Adams-Molina, the new Spanish I teacher. Quasi-new, because while this is her first year of teaching on campus, she has been with the district for two years now as the district’s Director of Curriculum Instruction. On top of that, she drives a school bus route.

Even though the new addition to her job description – she is on campus for half of a day, teaching three Spanish classes – she said it was a rewarding experience for her.

“Each day when one of my students learns a new word in Spanish, I know that I am doing my job,” she said. “I have an amazing group of students, and they inspire and motivate me to make learning fun.”

Having a part in so many aspects of the district gives Adams-Molina a chance to work with teachers and students at all four campuses and see all angles of the community/school connection. She says that one of her favorite parts of the district is the connectedness of the community to the school.

“There is a unified presence in the schools for success for all students,” she said. “Education is top priority in Buffalo ISD.”