Students check out Chromebooks


gleghorn photo

Secretary Beverly Cummings writes receipts for Chromebook insurance while students wait their turn.

Almost 270 students checked out Chromebooks this week after new cases, which the staff hopes will be more protective for the devices, were received.

“We hated to wait to hand out the Chromebooks, but we really needed to have these new cases first,” librarian Melonie Menefee said. “The new cases should do a much better job of protecting the Chromebooks as long as the students leave them latched inside of it like they are supposed to.”

It took hours to install the Chromebooks into the new cases, and then most of the morning to get them checked out. Students who had not turned in their $20 mandatory insurance had to wait until the next day to get theirs, but but the end of the week all of the students with just a few exceptions had theirs.

“It is so nice when all of the students have their Chromebooks, because it is so nice to be able to use the technology in the classroom,” Menefee said. “It is a lot of work to get them all checked out and then back in at the end of the year, but it is worth it.”