Belles add foreign exchange students to their ranks


pate photo

The Bison Belles show off their moves during a halftime show.

During their 57 years, the Bison Belles have made plenty of history, and they did it again this year by allowing foreign exchange students to be a part of the drill team. Thanks to technology and early planning, Katja Galle and Josefine Poels completed their auditions from the other side of the globe and then joined the group when they made it to the states shortly before school started.

“I had to go on Youtube and practice the dance, then I skyped for my audition.” Poels said. “It’s a new experience; I took ballroom and Latin dance lessons, so the type of dancing is different.”

There are changes for the entire squad, as well, with director Amanda Harter and her girls performing something new every week.

“Instead of doing one dance every two games, we are doing a new dance every game,” sophomore Skylar Jackson said.

Harter said the group has set high goals, and she expects her girls to stay positive as they work towards them.

“Over everything else, I expect positivity,” Harter said. “We have goals to meet; we want to recruit ten new members and qualify for nationals.”