Livestock show opens today

Reeder siblings work together on goat project


pate photo

Emma and Ben Reeder show of Dallas and Cowboy. The livestock begins today in the new expo center south of town; the Reeders will compete with their goats on Sunday.

Siblings Ben and Emma Reeder have worked together and competed against one another for years with different animals for the Leon County Youth Livestock Show, which starts today. This year, the two are raising goats – one named Dallas, and the other named Cowboy. This is Emma’s third year to show a goat, but Ben’s first.

The siblings do help each other out with the goats. Ben feeds and waters the goats in the mornings before school, and Emma takes care of the feed and water in the evening. In the afternoons, they have to walk and exercise their goats as well. Even though they work together, they have some friendly competition going, too.

“She beat me with her steer last year by one place,” Ben said. Emma then beamed with a big smile on her face to show how proud she was for her victory over her brother.

All of Ben’s and Emma’s winnings go directly to their savings for them to continue their education after high school.

“I like showing the goats because they are so cute,” Emma ended. “And because I get money, although I have to put it all in my college fund.”

Ben, who is a junior, had Reserve Grand Champion Rabbits in 2007. Both siblings have also raised steers.

“I did model his rabbits for him when he sold them at the sale,” Emma said.

Ben is a member of FFA, while Emma, who is in junior high, is in 4-H.

“I like being in FFA because I can do a lot of things that I can’t do if I was just in 4-H,” Ben said. “It is fun raising the animals and I also like it because I get to meet new friends.”

Ben and Emma are both excited to show at the new Leon County Expo Center.

“It is huge,” Ben said. “I am glad that we have a much better facility.”