Cheer tryouts bring on plenty of nerves


scott photo

Sophomore Kendall Morales waits her turn to try out for cheerleader amid balloons and flowers delivered to the girls to wish them good luck.

    Cheer tryouts meant bundles of nerves for the twenty girls trying out for the squad. Getting up in front of judges was not an easy task, especially for prospective cheerleaders who had never been on the squad before.

    “I just tried out to help a friend with her nerves,” junior Mayte Compean said. “She was a bit apprehensive on trying out so I was like ‘sure I’ll tryout with you.’”

    Some of the girls that tried out for the cheer team are involved in other activities that conflict with cheering, especially on Friday nights. For the students who did not make the squad, involvement in other activities meant they still have plenty to do and they would not have to drop anything else just to cheer.

    “I was kind of relieved that I didn’t make it,” sophomore Brittany Scott said. “I realized I wouldn’t want to choose between band and cheer.”

    Most of the nerves peaked right before hitting the floor, despite flowers and goodies delivered from parents and other well-wishers.

    “I can admit that I was nervous at first, but once I got in front of the judges, it wasn’t scary at all,” sophomore Kendall Morales said. “I enjoyed it a lot and I look forward to bringing more spirit to the school as a BHS cheerleader.”