Spanish projects give students a chance to show off skills


larabell photo

Spanish student Lane Solley checks a YouTube video on how to make the snuff holder he created for his class project.

    Learning about the diverse cultures of Spanish-speaking countries has been the focus of Spanish teacher Cindy Eppes’ latest project with her students.

    “The classes are choosing a country in Central or South America and presenting something from that country,” Eppes said.

    Even with a multitude of countries to cover, there are plenty of students in her classes to cover them all.

    “Students in Spanish 2 and 3 are all doing these projects,” Eppes said.

    Students made a wide variety of projects, ranging from classic cuisine from their chosen country to simple toys and knick-knacks originating from that area.

    “For my project, I made coconut rice and a tropical fruit melody,” sophomore Jaylee Hullum said. “My country was Panama in Central America.”

    Some students even made traditional tools that regional tribes in their country use.

    “My country was Peru,” sophomore Lane Solley said. “I made a bamboo and leather snuff tube that the native people of Peru use.”

    Eppes hopes the knowledge gained from doing these projects will help the students understand what life is like in another part of the world.

    “I think its hard to know a language without knowing the culture of those who speak it,” Eppes said. “Sometimes culture is just as important as grammar.”