Students travel to the elementary for Read Across America



FCCLA member Madison Gilliam reads to elementary students during Read Across America.

Nicollette Arabie, Editorial Team

Last week high school students from different organizations participated in Read Across America by reading to students at the elementary school. Organizations began reading on Monday with FCCLA. Senior Pari Jariwala, sophomore Madison Gilliam and freshmen Brylee Ryder and Kaylen Sanchez kicked the week off. 

“We got to the elementary at 9:00 am and read to all of the second graders,” Sanchez said. “I read The Cool Bean to a second-grade class. They asked questions about my academic, sports life and personal life. I found it interesting that I knew almost half of the students’ older siblings and cousins.”

Senior athletes read to the elementary students on Wednesday afternoon. 

“I read Dr. Seuss,” senior Jaycee Harris said. “The class was amazing.”

This was not the first time that Buffalo’s athletes went and read to the younger age groups. The varsity volleyball team read to the younger students before they began district play earlier in the year.

“The students remembered me from when I read to them during volleyball season, so we had a lot of fun,” Harris said. “After we read, we got to play with them. It made me happy to read to little kids and see them look up to me.”

Members from the Spanish Club and the Spanish National Honor Society took a turn as well. 

“I read Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day,” senior Lindsey Hardin said. “I loved getting to read to the kids. They were super cute in their picture day outfits and always had something to say. It was fun to get out of class and spend time with all the little kids.”

Adviser Maria Salazar said she was excited for the Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society to be a part of the event.

“I’m very happy that our club was able to put our school’s diversity on display,” Salazar said. “We had students reading in Spanish and English. I was glad that we could show students both languages.”

Buffalo’s FFA chapter also participated.

“I read Do Not Bring Your Dinosaur to Recess,” senior Abby Brewer said. “The kids loved it so much. After we finished reading, each kid imagined that each had a pet dragon. It was so interesting to see the uniqueness of each kid and their wild imaginations. We even “flew” around the gym with our imaginary dragons.”

Read Across America week was started by the National Education Association in 1998. This is the first time that organizations and clubs from Buffalo High School have participated since before the pandemic.

“I really enjoyed being able to go and read to the kids,” Ortiz said. “I hope that we can continue to participate in the event so that Buffalo’s younger kids can get to know the older kids in the community.”