UIL students compete in Waco



Nicolette Arabie and Kaylen Sanchez show off their medals along with Yuliet Gonzalez and Evalngeline Arabie. The students, along with Tristan Cole and Lindsey Hardin, competed at an invitational meet in Waco.

Yuliet Gonzalez, Reporter

Students working on improving their UIL performances headed to Waco Midway to compete in an invitational last week. 

Regardless of the early waking hour and the long drive, the students had a good experience not only competing but had a time to bond and get to know each other more and spend time with each other. 

“I had a great time and I enjoyed competing,” freshman Evangeline Arabie said. “ I learned many new things that will help me for the next time I compete.”

Freshman Kaylen Sanchez and junior Nicollette Arabie went 3-0 in their CX rounds and placed second overall, falling just .3 of a point short of speaker points for first place. The two will compete in district on February 8. 

“This recent meet was really fun and enjoyable because I feel like my confidence was more present, ” Kaylen said. “It helped that we won our rounds.” 

Sophomore Tristan Cole competed in news and extemp. She placed fourth in her prelim room in extemp. Senior Lindsey Hardin competed in news writing, feature writing, and copy editing. Evangeline Arabie and Yuliet Gonzalez competed in poetry and got to see the finals round. 

“Even though I did not place, I had a great time competing,” Cole said. “Maybe next time I will do better and place then.”