Consumer science students recycle aprons


johnson photo

Stained aprons are turning into works of art in Consumer Science classes. The interim teacher and students decided it was a better idea than spending money on new ones.

    Aprons that were stained beyond repair could have been thrown away, but instead, consumer science teacher Maggie Reeder decided to turn them into a project by letting the students paint and decorated them.

    “We’re covering up the spots and stains that are all over them, and we are making them glamorous,” Reeder said.“While were are making the aprons newer, the project is also teaching the students responsibility, and discipline while getting them used to meeting the deadlines.”

    The students found the project simple enough, and were happy to help liven up the aprons.

    “The apron project was easy to me,” senior Tabitha Calhoun said.“All we had to do was trace it on the apron and then color it in.”

    Students were proud of their work once they were done.

    “I had lots of fun during this project, but it was labor intensive,” Lauren Helmcamp said. “I liked the final results of it because it showed me what a good job I had did on it and it showed me how hard I had worked.”