Student Spotlight: Abby Brewer



Abby spent all four years of her high school volleyball career playing on varsity.

Harley, Reporter

Senior Abby Brewer keeps herself busy all year round by showing cattle, playing sports and getting ready to graduate and start her career at Texas A&M College in the fall.

Brewer said she has always had a love for sports; she has played volleyball all four years of high school and she has been on varsity as a setter since her freshman year. 

“I was sad that this year was my last time ever playing high school volleyball,” Brewer said. “But I made the memories of a lifetime with my amazing teammates and coaches.”

Senior Alison Bing has been on varsity volleyball since she was a freshman as well. The two girls have been best friends since they were babies and have always done everything together. 

“Me and Abby grew up together,” Bing said. “She and I have shown together, played sports together, and making memories with Abby has been a big part of why my high school experience is one to remember.”

Brewer will attend Texas A&M College in the fall and will pursue a career in Business; she plans to later earn her MBA and build her own business. 

“I want to start my own business,” Brewer said. “I am not sure what kind of business I will do but I know I want to have my own workspace and build my own  program.”

Brewer said she has no regrets and will be leaving Buffalo High School knowing she made memories with people she will never forget. 

“High school will always be one of the best experiences in my life,” Brewer said. “I will always remember the people that made it an amazing experience for me.”