Arabie medals at state Congress competition


Tristan Cole, Editorial Team

In an initial field of more than 300 competitors, Nicollette Arabie was one of 60 3A Congressional debate student to advance to UIL state competition last week. To prepare for the contest, Nicollette researched and prepared arguments on 20 different pieces of student-written legislation.

Preliminary competition took place on the Universtiy of Texas campus in Austin on Wednesday. The students were divided into three chambers of competitors of 20 each and spent the day arguing, questioning, and voting on ten of the pieces of legislation. The contest was seven hours long. From those three chambers, the top 6 in each would advance to the final round the next day; Nicollette finished the day first in her chamber.

Final competition, also called Super Congress, took place at the state capitol on Thursday. The 18 finalists spent a full day debating another 10 pieces of legislation. At the end of the contest, Nicollette finished in third place, bringing home a bronze medal.

This was Nicollette’s third year to make it to state UIL finals, but her first year to place in the top six. Nicollette competed in NSDA Congress nationals in Kentucky last summer, making it to semi-finals there, and has already qualified to compete in Congress at the Texas Forensic Association state contest in March.