Student Spotlight: Terrell Brooks



Terrell Brooks sends the ball across the court to his teammate during a Bison game. Terrell hopes to keep basketball in his life even after high school.

Harley Sanders, Reporter

Junior Terrell Brooks has been waiting for basketball season to come ever since the first day of school. In addition to basketball, he also plays football and baseball. 

“My favorite sport is for sure basketball, “Brooks said. “I have been playing all of my life and I hope to take it further than high school one day. “

In his spare time, he likes to play his game and he also coaches Little Dribblers on the weekends. 

“Terrell is very outgoing and isn’t afraid to speak his mind,” junior Maddox Hardin said. “When you are around Terrell, it will never be a dull moment.”

Terrell is only a junior right now so he still has some time to figure things out for his future, but he has hopes that basketball will be a part of it.

“I don’t know for sure what I want to do with my life, “Brooks said. “But if my future for basketball doesn’t work out, I will be pursuing a job in the railroad.”

Terrell sees himself as a very athletic person and a very encouraging booster for his team. His coaches agree.

“Terrell Brooks always encourages his team on the court,” head coach Cameron Wendall said. “He makes our team come together and become a family.”