Student Spotlight: Alexa Sanchez



Freshman Alexa Sanchez cheers at a Friday pep rally.

Kaylen Sanchez, Reporter

High school may have a bumpy road for most people, but freshman Alexa Sanchez takes the challenges in stride. Already participating in basketball, varsity cheer, FCCLA and student council as well as serving as the freshman class historian, Alexa is doing her best to be involved one way or another.

Alexa says her favorite things to do are jump on the trampoline and be creative. This works well with her school involvement, especially cheerleading, considering she loves to be active on a day-to-day basis.

“Cheering in high school is so fun,” Sanchez said. “Getting to spirit around and pump up the school has definitely been a highlight.”

Her work ethic and bubbly personality are her most likable features, according to her friends and classmates.

“I love Alexa,” cheer co-captain Alani Jones said. “She is just always so happy all the time and she puts in so much effort on everything we work on.” 

            Now that football season is over and cheer has switched to practicing for state competition, Alexa is adding basketball to the mix. She said she is adjusting to, but loving, the new transitions high school brings to the sport. 

           “Basketball is one of those sports that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play,” Alexa said. “It’s even more fun now that I get to practice with people I’ve never played with before, especially since the upperclassmen are people I look up to.” 

As the fall season moves to its close and spring promises new activities, Alexa is excited to stay busy.

           “One of the things I am most excited about is FCCLA,” she said. “I love presenting and speaking on topics I am passionate about, so it is an overall fun thing to do.” 

           Sanchez said she stays busy because she loves to be active and also because she loves to be involved with the school. 

            “Even though I’m a freshman, I hope to get better at everything I try to do,” she said. “I love trying new things even if they get hard because eventually the hard work will pay off and will benefit not only myself but others.”