Student Spotlight: Madison Gilliam



Sophomore Madison Gilliam spends her out-of-class time working on cheer and FCCLA

Alani Jones, Reporter

It’s not unusual for high school students to be confused and unsure about what they want to do after high school, but sophomore Madison Gilliam is not one of them. Gilliam wants to earn an associates degree in radiology technology. She hasn’t decided which college she wants to attend, but she is set on her degree path.

“In middle school I heard about this career and was honestly impressed,” Gilliam said. “Freshman year was when I decided I was sure I wanted to pursue this career.”

Knowing her future plans hasn’t stopped her from staying busy with high school activities, though. Gilliam is a member of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America organization and is a development chair for officers at BHS; she is also running for regional office.

“I hope running for regional office will be smooth this year,” Gilliam said. “I hope I get to be regional president.”

Other than FCCLA, Gilliam is also part of the cheer team. She travelled to Disney with the team last year for nationals and has already earned an All American cheerleading medal this year. She also plans to try out for captain for next year’s squad.

“This year has been going so well in cheer,” Gilliam said. “We are working hard and hoping to make finals at state.”