Community pep rally focuses on beating Boling



Football players spray paint an old car before they tear it apart to symbolize what they hope to do to Boling tomorrow night.

Yuliet Gonzalez, Reporter

The community came together and had an outdoor pep rally last night to celebrate the Bison heading to playoffs. Football parents brought food and snacks to tailgate. They had cookies, drinks, burgers and so much more. The Kona Ice truck was also there.

The Bison Belles performed the song “Google Me” by Teyana Taylor, and the Bison Brigade and cheerleaders performed as well.

“I enjoyed performing for the community,” freshman Jade Montano said. “It was heartwarming watching the little kids cheer for us.”

The pep rally started at 5:00 pm and ended around 6:30. At the pep rally, the football boys destroyed a car. They spray-painted it and took turns beating it with sledgehammers. 

“The pep rally was pretty fun since we haven’t done anything like it since I was five,” senior Dakota Helfenbein said. “I enjoyed doing this for my senior year.” 

Team members said they enjoyed the time together and loved seeing how many members of the community came out.

“Getting to get together and not worry about anything and just have fun was really enjoyable,” senior Zayne Johnson said. “It was fun destroying the car like we hope to destroy Boling on Friday.”