Student Spotlight: Daniela Gonzalez



Daniela Gonzalez serves the ball during the Lady Bison game against Fairfield last week.

Breanna Kowis, Reporter

Daniela Gonzalez has been playing softball since she was four or five years old and volleyball since she was in fifth grade. Now, she’s still playing both sports. And when the volleyball team wanted to help the middle school volleyball players learn some basics, Daniela realized how much she enjoyed working with the younger players.

“I felt honored because helping younger kids means they look up to the high schoolers,” Gonzalez said. “It’s cool to see them look up to us to learn how to do things right instead of not doing the job right.”

Coach Daryl Skelton said that Gonzalez has come a long way in her volleyball skills from her fifth-grade year with him. Now she is one of the front row players in volleyball.

“You’d think since Daniela isn’t very tall she wouldn’t be a very good front row player,” Skelton said. “That’s far from the truth; she has become one of the players I feel very comfortable with.”

Junior Kylynne Terry, who plays softball with Gonzalez, said she wasn’t too sure about Daniela when they first met but that they are now very close. She says softball is just amazing with her along her side and she is a great teammate.

“After spending some time together we were almost like the same person,” Terry said. “Softball season is just always fun with her around; she’s just a very motivating and caring person.”