Campus gains new staff members



New athletic director Jamin Savell and new coach James Talley join returning coach Bryan Pauler on the sidelines.

Harley Sanders, Reporter

The high school staff has expanded this year, with new teachers, office staff and coaches. The coaching staff, in particular, has a number of new members, with some restructuring going on in both the girls’ and boys’ programs.

Coach Judith Harris is new to the girls’ coordinator position and is the head volleyball coach as well as a member of the English Department.

“Coaching at Buffalo has been amazing,” Harris said. “The athletes, parents, staff and community are second to none, and the transition has been fairly easy.”

Harris said she is enjoying the vibe at a small school.

“My last school was much larger,” Harris said. “We had more things to juggle and it’s been nice to slow down and just enjoy watching the process unfold.”

The boys’ program has a new leader as well, with Jamin Savell taking over the athletic director and head football coach positions.

“My experience in Buffalo has been a great one so far,” Savell said. “The athletes have been receptive and the support has been fantastic.”

Coaches James Talley and Cameron Wendel joined the coaching staff as well as the History Department, and Savell has plenty of praise for them as well as the coaches already on staff.

“They are fantastic teachers and coaches,” Savell said. “I feel very blessed to not just have these new coaches as part of our staff, but also the coaches that were here last year.”

Coach Wendel is not the only member of his family new to the high school family.

Kacey Wendall is a new member of the Science Department, teaching biology.

“Coach Wendel and I absolutely love it here,” she said. “I’m coming from a much larger school, and it has been so nice to get to know everyone in smaller classes and see so many familiar faces in the hallway. We love our new Buffalo family.”

Not on the high school campus but coaching volleyball is new coach Bethany Spurlock. When she isn’t coaching one of the JV volleyball teams, she is teaching PE at the elementary campus.

“This is my first year to coach, and I am absolutely loving being a coach here at Buffalo,” Spurlock said. “I am definitely the rookie, but I think for the most part it’s been going really well. I love the kids; the athletes are really fun and enjoyable to be around. They help make it easy. I have never been around kids that are so respectful, hard-working, and just go-getters.”

Also new is front office secretary Taylor Lack, who is also a BHS graduate. Lack said her new job as the receptionist is something she loves because she has “lots of support” but that it is sometimes stressful.

“There is a lot of stress with this position because you have to stay organized, you have to be on top of everything,” Lack said. “But everyone I work with in the front office has made it fun, and I love being here. It feels very full circle.”

Also new in the office is Clayton Harris, husband of volleyball coach Judith Harris and replacing Lu Olvera as the assistant principal. Harris is actually returning to BHS, where he coached and taught from 2004-2006. Back in a new position, he said he is glad for the relationships he gets to build with the students.

“My favorite parts of the day are when I am able to welcome the students to school each morning and then attend their extracurricular activities,” Harris said. “This year has been amazing and I look forward to a great year of providing support to our staff and students.”