Student Spotlight: Bradyn Lack



Sophomore Bradyn Lack gets ready to receive the serve during a home volleyball game. Lack moved up to JV Purple before the Centerville game.

Tristan Cole, Editorial Team

She takes a deep breath, focusing on the ball in her hand. She steps forward, tosses the ball, then makes contact. The serve clears the net, and the ball is in play.

Sophomore Bradyn Lack is a member of the JV Purple volleyball team, but that’s not all she does. She is also part of the cheer squad in the fall, and in the spring will trade volleyball for track and is already preparing for her second year on the UIL LitCrit team.

Lack says she is most proud of getting moved up on the volleyball team a couple weeks ago to JV Purple.

“I was really excited when I got moved up,” Lack said. “I really felt like all my hard work had finally paid off.”

Lack’s first game on JV Purple was the big Centerville rivalry game. “I was really nervous for my first game on a different team,” she said, “but I was also really excited to get to play Centerville.”

Lack is still trying to adjust to there being a new head coach again this year.

“Although I miss our old volleyball coach, I really like coach Harris,” Lack said. “I’m always open to changes that are better for the team.”

When it comes to classes, Lack said she is more prepared for her sophomore year than she was for her freshman year.

“I’m more used to high school now,” Lack said. “Everything seems a little smoother and more natural.”