FCCLA sponsors anti-bullying program


scott photo

Senior Haylee Brewer helps elementary students write kind words on their chain links for the chain of kindness. The FCCLA members all worked together to put on the program.

    The FCCLA students packed up their gear and headed over to the elementary campus to give a presentation on bullying and work with them on anti-bullying projects as a part of their school and community service.

    “It was really nice to see all the little kids looking up up to me, because I feel like I could help change lives and prevent bullying,” junior Randy Salazar said. “That made it really special.”

    The high school students had three different stations set up for the elementary kids. All of them related to how to prevent bullying in some way. The first station was a pledge station where each participant signed his or her name to a big paper saying that they would not bully. Each student received a sticker with an anti-bullying message.

    “I think it was really cool,” junior Annel Escobar said. “To see all the little kids sign up to put a stop to bullying was a really great feeling.”

    At the second station, each student received a paper hand; they had to write an ugly word on it and color it. All the hands were put together on a large anti-bullying poster.

    “It was really funny to see all the words that all the kids came up with,” sophomore Brianna Johnston said. “A lot of them were pretty creative.”

    The last station that the students went to gave them a chance to write a nice, kind work on a piece of paper that was made into a link on a chain of kindness.