Overworked, underpaid: School work is overwhelming

Overworked, underpaid: School work is overwhelming

    The struggle is real. I am behind in half of my classes. There is so much catching up I need to do, and the teachers aren’t making it any easier. Not that they should be. It’s just that my homework is literally doubling and it is difficult to complete all the tasks that need to be done. The more that is assigned, the more I get behind I get and the more I have to catch up on. It is a vicious cycle!

    I owe one teacher five papers. It’s not even my English teacher, although I have work to catch up on in there, too. I missed two days at the beginning of the six weeks, and I have not fully caught up since. And some teachers give homework nearly every day, which makes it harder. I can’t do the new assignments until I catch up on the older ones, but taking time to do the older ones means that I am behind on the new ones. Did I already say vicious cycle?

    I have three projects going in three different classes. I have to make two charts and send two of my teachers important emails I’ve been meaning to send, but don’t have the time. I’m not sure where to fit those in with studying for tests and quizzes (I have at least a couple of each every week). I also do not know where to find time to create two different charts and send two of my teachers important emails that I’ve been meaning to send but just have not found the time to write.

    Maybe if I stopped all extracurricular activities there would be more time for school. Basketball practices every day, band practice, games twice a week … I am struggling, and I cannot help feel like I’m not the only one.

    I know that teachers are trying to prepare us for life outside of high school, for college, for the real world. But if a never-ending workload that is impossible to catch up on is what the real world is like, I’m in no hurry.