Debate students tackle Whitehouse meet

CX competitors win rounds at final practice tournament before district


mosley photo

Debate coach Melonie Menefee goes over between-round instructions with senior debaters Ryan Slatter and Bethany Gaskins. The CX debate competitors will compete at district on January 30.

    The debate team traveled to Whitehouse for a invitational tournament on Friday night, competing until late and not returning home until 1:30 in the morning. With almost 60 teams, the competition was tough, but students came away with gained experience and knowledge, as well as new wins under their belts. This was the final CX debate competition before district, which is scheduled for this Thursday in Buffalo.

    “I feel like the tournament helped us a lot,” freshman Evan Grisham said. “It made us realize some attacks that we hadn’t planned on and we came away with new ways to defend our cases.”

    The tournament featured schools of all sizes. The debaters knew going in that it was going to be difficult, but were determined to stay positive.

    “The tournament was crazy because there were so many big schools,” senior Jade Morales said. “But it actually turned out that I went against debaters that were more on my level and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.”

    The teams have focusing on perfecting their skills before district. The tournament was extra practice on the road to reaching their goals.

    “Even though there were a lot of good teams at the tournament and we got beat twice, we know that it was probably the hardest competition we’ll face,” senior Preston Mosley said. “So we can expect district to be a lot easier and hopefully make it to state.”