4-H hosts annual omelet dinner

Junior Adrian Randle helps third grader Dannie Young start an omelet. 4-H members of all ages cook the omelets to order for customers. It is one of two food-related fundraisers for the year, along with the fried pies the club sells at the Buffalo Stampede.

    The 4-H club held their annual omelet dinner at the basketball game against Mildred. The members use this as a fundraiser for scholarships and any other spending needs the club needs throughout the year.

    “The omelet supper was very successful and we made a lot of money,” senior Jacob Deborde said. “It was fun feeding the community and everyone that showed up to support us.”

     The fundraiser sets up a line and allowed customers to watch their omelet be prepared for them. The omelet was then left open so that it could be customized to how it was desired.

    “The omelets were very tasty and I loaded with salsa and onions,” senior Preston Mosley said. “Even though the line took a long time it was well worth the wait.”

    The dinner was open for anyone at the game and brought in several customers that wanted a good meal, while helping the local 4-H chapter.

    “We have so many people every year that come out for our omelets,” sophomore Logan Freeman said. “It can be a lot of work but it is fun and people really enjoy it.”